The recently developed MATSim model for Vienna is being extended to SAEVs. This includes the mode choice model also taking into account SAEVs. The whole transport model as well as the mode choice separately can be used for further analysis and scenario simulations beyond the project SimSAEV, for example, in cooperation with AustriaTech or other governmental institutions to perform an impact assessment of planned policy measures.

Scientific papers

Various scientific papers will result from the project, including:

    • A literature review of the environmental and socioeconomic effects of SAEVs, with a focus on synergies and trade-offs between the two types of effects
    • The public finance aspects of SAEVs
    •  A description of the simulation model
    •  Socioeconomic and environmental effects of SAEVs in the context of pricing and taxation policies
    • Socioeconomic and environmental effects of SAEVs in the context of regulation policies
    • Paper Draft

Policy outreach

Klimatage 2019

Poster presented at the Klimatage 2019

The first stakeholder workshop took place on 4 December 2019 at WU Vienna. 

We will further issue multiple policy briefs and conduct workshops with stakeholders.

Klimatage 2021

Poster presented at the Klimatage 2021